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Radical new practical engineering guidelines revealed

The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering at the University of Sydney has released a radical new engineering report outlining professional performance, innovation and risk in the industry.

The report, presented as part of the University of Technology Sydney’s Zunz Lecture series, provides a framework by which professional engineers should abide when performing professional engineering projects.

The framework covers ethical values and competency standards, along with a ‘third dimension’ of performance. According to report authors, there is not a framework available for engineers and their clients in Australia that revolves around arranging and undertaking an engineering task.

The report, called ‘Performance — The Third Dimension of Engineering Professionalism’, is supported by the Australian Centre for Innovation and Engineers Australia.

Developed over five years, the report highlights the distinctions between the three areas of professionalism — ethics, competency and performance — and offers ways of defining and formalising how experiences engineering professionals interact with, and respond to, their clients, peers and the community.

“We’re not raising the bar, but uncovering the bar. We’re not re-writing the book, but offering a new way of discovering it,” said Australian Centre for Innovation director, Peter North, at the launch.

According to North, the new framework could take as little as six months to become effective in the industry, and could offer professional engineers the benefits of: fewer liability issues; a balanced perspective about how to set-up and define an engineering task; and ensure material benefit for everyone involved in buying and selling engineering products and services.

Visit The Warren Centre homepage for information on how to obtain the package.

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