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Radiation-Based Process Measurement Technology

VEGA Australia's radiation-based process measurement technology offers the greatest measure of user convenience and user safety, whilst being environmentally friendly. 

Under extreme process conditions, many measuring techniques quickly reach their limits.

This radiation-based measuring sensors are completely unaffected by high vessel pressures, aggressive media, extreme temperatures and difficult physical characteristics of the product. ProTrac measures contactlessly right through vessel walls, with the help of gamma radiation and is precise and maintenance free. 

With the development of ProTrac, VEGA has set new standards of reliability and safety in radiation-based measurement

  • All ProTrac sensors were developed in compliance with the strict specifications of IEC/EN 61508 and fulfil the highest requirements
  • All ProTrac radiation sensors have an ingenious asset management system at their disposal
  • As part of the proven plics instrument concept, ProTrac makes commissioning and adjusting a radiation-based measurement as simple as never before
  • The indicating and adjustment module PLICSCOM can be used to set the parameters of simple level or density applications
  • High-performance DTMs and EDDs are available for complex measuring tasks with several detectors or additional sensors for temperature or flow rate measurement
  • Every ProTrac instrument can be equipped with the most suitable detector for the particular area of application – SoliTrac, for example, with its PVT rod detector up to 3 m long, is a specialist for cylindrical vessels
  • The flexible and up to 7 m long detector tube of FiberTrac, which flexibly adapts itself to the vessel form, lends itself well for round and conical vessels
  • The NaJ crystal detector of MiniTrac stands out due to its small dimensions that find room even in tight corners or thin pipes

VEGA is the first supplier of SIL-qualified measuring instruments for radiation-based Level, Limit Level, Density, Interface, Mass Flow.

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