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QuickFRAC is a new game-changing technology for the energy industry

Packers Plus Energy Services is releasing a new technology capable of fracturing 60 stages downhole while only pumping 15 treatments at surface. This new system, called QuickFRAC, is the first of its kind in the industry.

The Canadian company had earlier worked on a geothermal energy project in the Cooper Basin in South Australia.

QuickFRAC meets the need for increased number of stages. It allows the operator to do the job of pumping 15 stages on surface while Packers Plus does the job downhole, providing as many as 60 individual stages.

This is done by taking a single pumping treatment on surface and precisely directing it into 2-5 stages downhole. For the operator, pumping time and costs are reduced significantly and production results are greatly increased.

The QuickFRAC system is a technology that enables operators to increase the number of fractures in a single treatment operation. This system has been successfully trialed in the field, and is now commercially available.

Using limited entry diversion techniques and a proprietary technology, the QuickFRAC system allows users to fracture several isolated stages at one time through a process known as batch fracturing.

For each treatment zone, the QuickFRAC system includes a number of QuickPORT sleeves flanked by RockSEAL II packers. This configuration creates multiple, individually isolated stages within a single treatment zone.

Each treatment zone is activated by an actuation ball, which is available in multiple sizes, enabling several batch fracturing zones to be stimulated in succession with the biggest ball size at the top.

Through a detailed process of research and development and by using consistent pumping rates, this new system will evenly distribute the batch fractures in a select zone of the wellbore, thus greatly reducing water usage.

Packers Plus is a provider of technology-based solutions to the oil and gas industry.

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