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Queensland utilities to reduce water losses with software-as-a-service solution

Unitywater has announced a new contract with software company, TaKaDu.

The objective is to implement a smart water network monitoring service designed to find hidden leaks and identify service abnormalities.

Unitywater is working on on improving its network efficiency, reducing water losses and saving costs.

TaKaDu’s software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution will provide real-time knowledge and alerts about inefficiencies and water loss, in addition to other concerns about water distribution assets, enabling faster responses to events as they occur.

“The TaKaDu solution uses existing meter and sensor readings, advanced statistical algorithms and easy to use web application to detect, accurately identify and report network abnormalities, such as leaks, bursts and pressure problems 365/24/7,” said TaKaDu Founder and CEO, Amir Peleg.

Unitywater’s water supply network is comprised of 5,542 km of water mains pipes, 108 water reservoirs and 79 water pump stations.

Unitywater CEO, George Theo stated, “The principle advantage of the TaKaDu system, which has been used in a number of water utilities around the world, is that the software will “learn” how our system operates and will then identify unusual trends or anomalies within the water supply network. A monitoring report in real time will allow us to proactively track and respond to changes as quickly as possible."

By using TaKaDu’s solution, Unitywater can anticipate cost savings through the reduction of water lost through leaks and bursts and improvement in the performance of its water supply network. Further savings will also be realised through increased energy efficiency.

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