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Queensland takes the lead in renewable energy installations

Queensland has surpassed both New South Wales and Victoria in becoming the new renewable energy leader, according to a Solar Run analysis based on Clean Energy Council (CEC) data. 

With 54,365 projects completed from January 2020 to December 2023, Queensland has emerged as the champion of sustainability, outpacing Victoria with 51,104 installations and NSW with 48,470 installations.

“The data from our latest analysis is a testament to the incredible progress Australian states are making towards renewable energy adoption. States like Queensland, Victoria, and NSW are leveraging their populations and policies to lead the way,” said managing director and CEO of Solar Run Anthony Kurta. 

Given the plentiful natural resources, Australia is uniquely positioned to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels and address the negative impacts of climate change. 

Renewable energy provides a clean and sustainable alternative, offering both environmental advantages and economic potential.

“This environmental rivalry among states highlights not just the competition but the collective effort to ensure a sustainable future for Australia. The friendly yet fierce competition underscores the importance of renewable energy adoption nationwide, uniting states in a common goal of environmental stewardship,” said Kurta. 

The data suggested that higher population densities in states like Victoria, Queensland, and NSW drive robust renewable energy initiatives. 

States with lower population densities, such as Western Australia, have 44,899 installations, showing a focus on renewable energy despite its vast area and lower population density. 

The Northern Territory and Tasmania face unique challenges but have significant potential for targeted incentives. 

For future policy-making, Solar Run suggests states with lower installation numbers might focus on enhancing renewable energy uptake through specific incentives. 

Solar Run also recommends states with high installation numbers should continue to innovate and share best practices to promote a uniform national approach.

Greenest States by Renewable Energy Installations:

  1. Queensland – 54,365 installations
  2. Victoria – 51,104 installations
  3. New South Wales – 48,470 installations
  4. Western Australia – 44,899 installations
  5. Australian Capital Territory – 22,803 installations
  6. South Australia – 20,849 installations
  7. Northern Territory – 6,734 installations
  8. Tasmania – 6,070 installations


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