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Quantum physicist and defence scientist take out top awards

This year’s World Metrology Day theme is “Measurements for global trade”, recognising the importance of the science of measurement in helping Australian industry to access and compete in global markets.

To mark the day, Australia’s National Measurement Institute (NMI) Chief Executive Officer and Chief Metrologist Dr Bruce Warrington has announced the recipients of the Barry Inglis Medal and NMI Prize. These awards are held annually and recognise significant contributions to measurement science, research and leadership. This year’s recipients highlight the broad range of organisations undertaking and applying measurement research in Australia.

“I would like to congratulate Professor Warwick Bowen as the 2020 Barry Inglis Medal recipient, for his role in the development of quantum technologies and innovative practical solutions to the benefit of measurement science,” Warrington said.

The Barry Inglis Medal recognises Professor Bowen’s work at the University of Queensland developing ground-breaking sensors, enabling the study of individual molecules, medical imaging, and mineral exploration. He has partnered with Australian industry to commercialise these technologies, and made an outstanding contribution to health, industry, and fundamental research outcomes.

This year Dr Renée Webster is the recipient of the 2020 NMI Prize in recognition for her work as part of the Department of Defence Science and Technology Group. Dr Webster’s efforts included the development of new analytical approaches to improve our understanding of the complex chemistry of fuels at high temperatures and trace impurities produced prior to combustion.

“This work is particularly important for high performance military aircraft and contributes to the safe and effective operations of the Australian Defence Force,” Warrington said.

As Australia’s peak measurement body, NMI plays a vital role in supporting manufacturing to innovate, as well as giving regulators, industry and consumers confidence in the safety and quality of products and services. World Metrology Day is held annually on 20 May to celebrate the international Metre Convention, signed in 1875 to establish a global measurement system for trade and innovation.

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