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$15m quantum computer to deliver defence-level cyber security

quantum computer

D-Wave Systems has announced that Temporal Defense Systems (TDS) will acquire the first D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer. Valued at US$15 million, the computer will be used with TDS technology to solve some of the most critical and complex cyber security problems impacting governments and commercial enterprises. 

D-Wave claims that its quantum computer has 2000 quibits, allowing it to solve challenging problems 1000 to 10,000 times faster than algorithms running on a server.

“While other organisations have prototypes with just a few quibits in their labs, D-Wave is delivering the systems, software, training and services needed to build an industry,” said Vern Brownell, D-Wave’s chief executive.

The company believes that use of the 2000Q will enable TDS to perform real-time security level rating, device-to-device authentication and identify long-term persistent threats, as well as detecting and preventing insider threats before network compromise and data theft occurs.

“There are considerable benefits associated with this approach and the development of unprecedented levels of detection and attribution,” said James Burrell, TDS chief technology officer and former FBI deputy assistant director.

“The technology will provide the ability to identify, authorise and authenticate at the individual device level throughout the network. Additionally, the introduction of post-quantum cryptography algorithms and the capability to solve complex computational problems achievable only using quantum computing platforms will aid in improving the security of constantly changing operational networks.

“The intent is to introduce an entirely new approach to existing and emerging cyber security challenges impacted by the volume, sophistication, and complexity of modern attack methodologies.”

Temporal Defense Systems is the first customer for the 2000Q. Some of D-Wave’s previous customers include Lockheed Martin, Google and NASA.


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