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Quality control camera for all industries

The Wenglor weQube Smart Camera is based on the MultiCore technology and combines image processing with 1D/2D code scanning, and can basically do everything. 

The compact, high performance smart camera offers all the features of an advanced image processing sensor, yet is far more superior. It is the future of the automation industry, opening up a an abundance of new opportunities.  It is suitable for counting objects, reading barcodes and 2D codes, presence control and dimensional accuracy check.

The weQube combines all features and components required for smooth image processing  into its compact housing, including illumination and communication interfaces that are often external components on other cameras. 

 It combines innovative software with five high performance processors for rapid image processing without any loss of time. It offers two different image chip versions of colour and monochrome, and a teach+ function for easy remote maintenance and checking of the system.

The 3D tracking and autofocus provide optimal object detection. The camera has a graphic display and 12 powerful LEDs of red light, white light or infrared light,  in the housing to provide reliable illumination and prevent loss of brightness.

The weQube smart camera allows for versatile and flexible networking with numerous communication interfaces. These include Ethernet, PROFINET, RS-232 and FTP server. It offers a replaceable screening grid and integrated polarisation filter, making it suitable for special applications in rough environments. It offers six free inputs and outputs, an encoder output, a removable micro SD card, an intuitive set-up wizard and a compact IP67 housing. 

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