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QMan providing solutions for MRP problems

Software provider for manufacturing resource planning (MRP) and demand-driven manufacturing will be displayed by Cincom Enterprise Management at the Queensland Manufacturing Conference (QMan).

Held from 21st to 23rd October 2008 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, QMan will bring together manufacturers in all industries including those associated with process and control equipment. Worldwide software provider Cincom Systems will unveil ints Program Management software — a module of its Cincom Enterprise Management solution at the show.

The Enterprise Management solution encompasses MRP and ERP to support lean strategies, demand-driven manufacturing, quality management, and support for contract- and project-based manufacturing organisations.

Key features and enhancements include:

Program cost performance — Project-oriented manufacturers often manage multiple programs at the same time, spanning multiple years and using common inventories. Managing cost performance becomes a daunting and complex task that can have significant implications on profitability and even the company’s stock price. Cincom project cost control provides the capability to record, track, and report both direct and indirect costs using a user-defined, date-effective, cost-burden structure against industry-compliant work breakdown structures.

Earned-value management systems (EVMS) support — Deadlines set in contracts can have major incentives or penalties tied to them. EVMS is an objective management control process that is typically required by prime contractors that engage in large defense contracts to adhere to 32 EVMS guidelines. To be in compliance, those contractors require a comprehensive IT application system like Cincom, so they may provide reporting status on schedule performance, potential cost overruns, baseline budget comparisons with full audit trail support, and many other data-management and reporting tools that are essential for regulatory compliance.

Project cost soft allocation — Soft allocation helps contain costs and attain customer delivery schedule commitments by allowing the operations side of the business (order entry, manufacturing, inventory management, purchasing, etc.) to operate in a commercial, totally commingled fashion while still allowing the company to report budgets, actuals, and estimates-to-complete at the contract/project level.

Less-costly compliance; product/sales configuration — The Cincom booth at Qman 2008 will also feature Cincom’s innovative quality and enterprise sales-portal solutions for the manufacturing industry.

Cincom Systems of Australia is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cincom Systems Inc. Cincom Australia was incorporated in 1975.

Contact Cincom Systems of Australia at 02 8875 1400, email, or visit

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