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Qi-certified 15W wireless power transmitter

Texas Instruments has introduced what it claims is the industry’s first Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) v1.2 Qi-certified 15W wireless power transmitter. The bq501210 enables 84 per cent system efficiency with less thermal dissipation than traditional wireless power devices, according to the company. The transmitter supports multiple fast-charging protocols and offers a range of flexible and customisable features such as personal electronics, medical and space-constrained industrial applications.


  • Fast-charging capability: Fast-charge negotiation with mobile devices enables the transfer of up to 10W to compatible receivers, including existing fast-charging devices on the market.
  • Wide-voltage aptitude: The High-Voltage Dedicated Charging Port (HVDCP) protocol negotiates with capable AC/DC wall adaptors to adjust the input voltage. The rail control output provides power to deliver a full 15W with inputs between 15V and 19V, and enables lower power operation, such as 5W, with inputs as low as 5V.
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