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QCLNG Pipeline Fibre Optic Infrastructure contract awarded to Madison Technologies

Madison Technologies has been commissioned to provide the backbone fibre for communications infrastructure and associated passive equipment, which will run the length of the main gas distribution pipeline from central Queensland to the coast of Gladstone for QGCLNG.

The fibre optic cable is designed to meet the particular specifications of the project and is built to cope with the heavy expansive soils and environmental conditions found in Northern Queensland.

The Australian manufactured specified fibre optic cable will be installed in conjunction with the gas pipeline. Madison Technologies was also appointed to provide 3M searchable markers for cable detection, circular electronic markers for pit detection and a range of 3M fibre enclosures.

These pipelines will carry CSG from gas fields in central Queensland to an export facility on Curtis Island. Construction is scheduled for completion in late 2012. The first delivery of LNG from the plant is scheduled for 2014.

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