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Everyone has different ideas on which component is most crucial to helping industrial equipment run. Some argue that bearings matter the most, as they hold everything together, while others claim that belts are the backbone of keeping things in motion. Needless to say, every element plays a role, and one missing or damaged part could mean catastrophe for operators.

Hydraulic hoses are a critical piece of equipment for many industrial sites, and experience some of the toughest conditions inside fluid power machinery. Typically, they consist of multiple reinforced layers of braided tubing, designed to transport water and oil emulsions between key components.

The MegaSys portfolio of industrial-grade hydraulic hosing from Gates boasts complete, universally applicable fluid power solutions. Included in this range is the MXT, MXG 4K, and MXG 5K hoses. According to Arshad Ashroff, product manager for Fluid Power at Gates Australia, each of these units supersedes expectations in terms of durability and power capacity.

“These products incorporate fairly new technology that is unique to Gates and patent pending in the US currently,” Ashroff said. “They can be used on a diverse range of hydraulic applications across manufacturing, construction, agriculture, mining, and any other sort of heavy equipment industry.”

Ashroff has a background in mechanical engineering, and started working with Gates four years ago as a product specialist. Having recently taken on the role as product manager, he utilises many years of industry experience to deliver expert advice on hosing and other equipment. 

“When it comes to the MXT, the key benefits are flexibility and lightweight design. They are 40 per cent more flexible, and 30 per cent more lightweight than standard, comparable hoses on the market. They are also tested to 600,000 cycles, which is an incredibly impressive impulse criteria,” Ashroff said.

“The MXG 4K and 5K are different because they meet a one million impulse rating, and the 5K includes the new Xpiral woven technology that was invented by Gates. Essentially it uses lighter weight steel for the reinforcement, allowing for the same high-standard performance, again with added flexibility.”

Rob Michelson, national product manager at Motion Australia, explains that the MegaSys full spectrum solution follows through on reliably smart design, and has impressive capacity for volume and speed transfer.

“The focus on flexibility and more lightweight materials directly addresses customer needs, and for that reason the MXT range is widely popular in every sector that we service,” he said. “These features just make them much easier to handle, while still outperforming the industry baseline.”

Ashroff points out that a lot of the premium elements of the hosing products come down to Gates’ commitment to continual improvement and model upgrades. Building on decades of experience supplying to customers worldwide, they utilise feedback and incorporate it at the initial concept or improvement phase. 

“We invest a lot of time and resources into research and development, which is demonstrated by our standard of product,” Ashroff said. “We recently innovated on a coupling solution – the Gates MegaCrimp – which is directly compatible with this family of hoses. They are a leak-proof seal that incorporates concentric crimping, and have been known to surpass one million impulse cycles.”

“We also commit to rigorous testing procedures, and all of our hoses come under a quality guarantee,” he continued. “This gives customer peace of mind, and they know they can rely on us to continue offering solutions that will last a long time.”

A broad catalogue of Gates hydraulic equipment is available through the Motion Australia national supply network, servicing all types of industrial operations within Australia. At every branch, friendly and knowledgeable product experts work alongside engineering support teams to offer design, installation, and fitment of these products.

“We collaborate with Motion Australia on a range of different customer projects, and have developed an excellent supply relationship over the years,” Ashroff said. “The communication is always very effective, and their experts have a very good understanding of our catalogue.”


The MXT is a universal, multi-purpose hose that allows users to consolidate on inventory space. The XtraTuff Plus covering ensures ozone resistance and protection against abrasion, without hindering flexibility. It is Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) certified for flame resistance, with a temperature range capability of -40°C to 100°C. The hose itself is constructed of black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber, braided with a high-tensile steel wire reinforcement. 


The MXG 4K product has been test qualified to one million impulse cycles, and can be treated as a drop-in replacement for conventional spiral hoses. Driven by the Gates Xpiral technology, this hose also includes the XtraTuff Plus cover with a lower force‑to-bend threshold for more ergonomic installation. 


With a 350 bar working pressure, the MXG 5K hose features similar benefits to the 4K model (impulse cycle rating, XtraTuff Plus cover, and coupling compatibility). In addition, it incorporates the patented Xpiral woven four-layer construction, offering additional strength in a compact design.

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