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PULS 24VDC 15A buffer modules released

Control Logic announces the release of a new range of DC buffer modules from PULS, the market leader in DIN rail mount power supplies.

The new PULS UC10.241 and UC10.242 DC buffer modules extend the buffer times currently offered by the UF20.241 and UF20.481 units utilising Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors (EDLC), which can provide a backup time of up to 33 seconds for a 10A load.

Key features of the new buffer modules include 10+ years of operational lifespan; no cabinet ventilation required unlike DC UPS systems that utilise batteries; short charging time compared to batteries, allowing the units to rapidly be back in ready mode following a discharge; regulated output voltage maintained in buffer mode of 22.5 volts; capable of providing full output power between -40°C and +60°C; and simplified wiring with quick release spring clamp terminals.

The new PULS UC10.241 and UC10.242 DC buffer modules also feature an inhibit digital input that turns off the output and buffering and ready relay outputs when activated to provide unit status back to a control system.

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