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Pulp, paper industry investment paper now available

Members of the Australian pulp and paper industry can now access a new investment information paper released by the minister for innovation, industry, science and research, Senator Kim Carr.

The new paper, called Pulp & Paper Industry Strategy Group Issues Paper, identifies the key issues facing Australia’s pulp and paper industry, including factors that will assist the industry build its innovative capacity and attract new investment and challenges that must be met, Senator Carr said.

Topics covered in the paper include:

• impact of the digital age on the demand for paper, including newsprint;

• government and community responses to climate change;

• enhancing community understanding of the environmental sustainability of the industry;

• increasing the amount of research and development; and

• the impact of emerging economies like China on supply and demand for paper products.

The paper has been developed by the Pulp and Paper Industry Strategy Group which was established by Senator Carr in June to review the pulp and paper manufacturing industry and develop future strategies for its development.

It examines the industry’s current performance and describes the challenges it faces, both domestically and internationally.

“This is an important first step in identifying opportunities for the industry to become more internationally competitive,” Senator Carr said.

“Australia’s pulp and paper industry generates revenue of over $9 billion annually.

“The industry has been up front about the challenges it faces and now needs to develop strategies to overcome them.

“These challenges include issues relating to operating in a global economy and boosting investment and R&D to improve the industry’s international competitiveness.

“The industry also needs to consider how it can best promote its many advantages and benefits, including environmental benefits.

“This industry needs investment and innovation to increase its manufacturing capacity and to add further value to its products.

“I am confident the industry will build on the already significant social and economic contribution it makes to Australia, particularly in regional areas, and have an important role to play in Australia’s prosperity.”

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