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PTC Introduces ThingWorx-Axeda Integrator to accelerate IoT value

PTC has released the ThingWorx-Axeda Integrator, which combines the ThingWorx development platform with the Axeda solution to enable customers to speed development.

Specifically, the ThingWorx-Axeda Integrator unifies the ThingWorx AEP platform with the Axeda connectivity, device cloud and applications, providing a blueprint for IoT projects.

With an ever-growing number of smart, connected products and sensors, the true promise of IoT is in integrating people, systems and things, and developing new innovative applications that disrupt the way industries work. 

The ThingWorx-Axeda Integrator unifies the strengths of ThingWorx and Axeda to deliver the most complete IoT solution stack in the industry, providing a unified experience for customers to develop solutions for smart connected products.

“Every industry is in the midst of a major transformation enabled by connectivity and new IoT applications for smart connected products and sensors. With the potential for meaningful innovation in just about every market, businesses of all sizes are engaging with IoT technology at an extremely rapid pace,” said Russ Fadel, ThingWorx President and GM. 

“ThingWorx-Axeda Integrator creates a powerful combination which has the ability to further accelerate the IoT industry.”

The ThingWorx-Axeda Integrator enables Axeda machine data to be immediately available in the ThingWorx platform, and Axeda APIs to be accessed from ThingWorx Composer rapid application development tool. 

The Integrator’s out-of-the-box connector enables users to login into a single system to access data and web services in the Axeda products, and streamline solution implementation.

Specific technology capabilities include:
Axeda time series data available in ThingWorx
– Axeda data including Data Items, Alarms, and Mobile Locations flow into the ThingWorx platform via the Axeda’s Machine Streams data feed service.
– Axeda Machine Streams can now natively send data directly into ThingWorx.
Synchronized data model & data between the two systems
– Data is automatically synchronised between Axeda and ThingWorx, reducing errors and speeding development.
Utilise Axeda APIs from ThingWorx Composer tool
– With a small amount of scripting, customers can create solutions to solve real world challenges for their devices.
Automatic Authentication for ThingWorx Widgets embedded in Axeda Console
– Axeda customers can incorporate a ThingWorx mash-up inside the Axeda Console.

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