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Protective cable coatings

The igus e-skin and e-shell offer new options for affordable and flexible cable guiding, to make moving energy easier.

Corrugated hoses are lightweight, versatile and can guide energy, media and data at very low costs. They are used in a variety of applications, particularly where the demands on the energy supply system are not high. For applications that require high flexibility such as machinery and equipment construction, electronics manufacturing, automotive and medical industries, they are integralto the energy supply system.

The e-skin is a compact, simple to open hose for unsupported lengths. Consisting of an upper and lower shell, the e-skin can simply be clipped together and opened for easy maintenance and inspection of the cables, with igus providing an additional tool for ease.

As it is abrasion resistant, dustproof and waterproof, it can also be used in clean room environments. Due to its oval design it allows more space, and the cables can be guided in carefully using interior separation modules.

The e-shell offers existing corrugated hose systems a clearer movement with the new snap on design. The clip is simply attached to the corrugated hose, so that it can be filled at the topside of the joints. It has self-supporting capabilities, and is stabilised so that it can only be moved in one direction. Due to the defined minimum bending radius, the e-shell reliably protects the cables.

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