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ProStep iViP and Siemens PLM Software establish JT data format as ISO standard

Siemens PLM Software and ProStep iViP, a global consortium instrumental in advancing open standards, have initiated the formal process to establish the JT data format as an ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) standard for lightweight 3D data.

Dr. Steven Vettermann of the ProStep iViP Association said, “The publication of the JT File Format Reference document as a Publicly Available Specification (ISO PAS 14306) in October 2009 was the first step towards becoming an International Standard. ProStep iViP and Siemens PLM Software are working hand in hand to complete the process of gaining International Standard status for JT.”

Lightweight 3D data represents a subset of the more complete product data definition typically created by CAD software applications. When the lightweight format is open and widely adopted, it extends the reach of information, traditionally locked in proprietary systems, to applications such as Digital Mockup (DMU), simulation, design in context and simplified drawings.

Today, there is a broad application rate of the JT data format in several industries and disciplines such as automotive, aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, mechanical and plant engineering etc. As a result, there is a significant global request for standardizing JT.

“JT as an open visualisation standard will expand the usage of 3D data into several process areas outside engineering design, and will open a window of significant opportunities for independent software vendors to provide advanced IT solutions based on JT,” said Prof. Alfred Katzenbach, Director Engineering IT at Daimler and head of the VDA working group PLM.

“As a result, more applications will be available to work seamlessly within open environments, freeing the user community to be independent from the closed systems of a single vendor. This is a significant reason why the international automotive OEMs are fully committed to JT ISO standardisation.”

ISO requires that new International Standards begin with the definition of a balloted New Work Item Proposal. The JT ballot was issued on August 24, 2010, and, after review, has been accepted as a new item that will be added to the program of work of the committee.

To support the new work effort Siemens PLM Software has published an updated JT file format specification. The JT File Format Specification version 9.5 will be brought forward through the ISO process as the new standard.

In a joint statement to the JT Open Management Review Board, Jim Marchant and Jason Bilsland, who are responsible for visualisation data assets strategy at Rolls-Royce said, “Rolls-Royce global business has been using JT as a visualisation format for many years. The advent of JT as a PAS helped us in broadening the scope of potential usage of JT in our business, however, we see the full adoption of JT as an ISO standard as further validation of our overall PLM strategy. We look forward to this being the next step towards recognition by other major international standards bodies such as ASME, which is important for us, particularly in the US.”

“Siemens PLM Software committed to making JT an ISO standard at the ProSTEP iViP Symposium held in April 2010,” said Chuck Grindstaff, President of Siemens PLM Software. “Having ProSTEP iViP – a recognized industry expert in standards, and a vendor-neutral organisation – take the lead in this effort, is a testament to the openness and wide-spread adoption of JT in the global manufacturing industry. Siemens PLM Software will continue to work closely with ProSTEP iViP as the ISO process goes forward.”

ProSTEP iViP’s mission is to assure that solutions provided to its membership meet their requirements, fit together and are driven by standards.

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