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ProSep Kolon wins contracts for seawater filtration and mercury removal for coastal LNG platforms

ProSep Kolon has been awarded two contracts for the supply of a seawater filtration package and mercury removal unit for a total value of approximately US$12 million.

The customers are South-Korean engineering firms selected to perform engineering, procurement and construction of facilities for a large liquid natural gas project located offshore Australia. Delivery is expected to occur in the first quarter of 2014.

Canadian company ProSep has a majority stake in the ProSep Kolon South Korean joint venture. ProSep specialises in providing process solutions to the oil and gas industry.

ProSep’s seawater treatment and water injection offering is a considered an efficient alternative to traditional system designs.

Designed and delivered as a complete and customised solution, it typically includes membrane ultra-filtration, sulphate removal and vacuum deaeration.

Mercury removal units are used to remove corrosive mercury present in natural gas or hydrocarbon condensate. These systems are designed to meet strict weight and size availabilities on floating production platform or processing facilities.

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