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Prosecutors targeting senior managers in oil and gas accidents

Prosecutors are becoming more willing to target senior management of oil and gas companies in cases of major workplace accidents, according to Gerard Forlin QC, one of the world’s leading legal experts in gross negligence manslaughter and disaster litigation.

Forlin, a leading authority in accident and oil spill litigation all over the world, will deliver a keynote presentation at next month’s Australasian Oil & Gas Conference (AOG) in Perth.

He said prosecutors were increasingly looking at workplace accidents and system failures as a corporate fault, even when an individual worker has caused the accident.

“More and more regulators and prosecutors are targeting senior managers and boards in the aftermath of incidents, including near misses. This trend is happening in most jurisdictions and applies not just to oil and gas companies, but to all the various contractors and others that work with the industry,” said Forlin.

A barrister with Cornerstone Barristers in London, Maxwell Chambers in Singapore and Denman Chambers in Sydney, Forlin will also discuss other trends shaping the prosecution and prevention of major workplace accidents in oil and gas and related industries.

His keynote presentation promises to be one of the highlights of a session dedicated to safety challenges and solutions in the oil and gas industry.

A ‘manslaughter specialist’ and disaster legal risk consultant, Forlin has been involved in over 250 fatality cases, including pivotal UK cases such as the Hatfield rail crash and the Britannia Airways crash.

He has also served as an expert consultant, and in some cases actor, in several prominent UK television programs, including “Crash”, “The Day That Britain Stopped”, “In Defence” and “Mid Air Collision”.

AOG will take place at Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre from 20-22 February 2013.

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