Making the switch: The benefits of switching energy providers


As businesses face so much uncertainty, cutting energy costs can help keep overheads low when restrictions continue to change across Australia. Fortunately, cutting energy costs is possible with more independent energy companies offering competitive rates and enhanced services.

According to the Australian Energy Commission, electricity for businesses will be cheaper in 2023 as new generation capacity enters the power grid with 1,667 megawatts of solar and 2,580 megawatts of wind. Their annual price assessment projected that power prices would continue to decrease until 2021-2022, with prices eventually expected to be lower than they are now.

To help businesses gain control over their consumption, Go Switch is providing complete transparency into lower rates and energy plans from one provider to the next. There are several benefits to switching energy providers, and Go Switch can help you make the best cost-effective decision.

Why change your energy provider?

With deregulation and competition, businesses now have access to lower energy costs with reputable energy providers without a lock-in contract. For retailers, this means offering more enticing reasons to save, like usage savings and exclusive bundles.

One of the most popular reasons companies consider changing energy providers is to reduce their energy bill. Another popular reason for switching is if the provider doesn’t focus enough attention on green energy or if you’re looking to add solar or hydro.

For small and medium-sized businesses, including those with multiple locations, the energy bill is calculated the same way as residential billing, so it also makes good financial sense to undertake a renegotiation or change providers if you plan on moving.

How to make the switch?

Go Switch’s electricity price comparison tool helps you compare your current electricity and gas provider to more suitable plans with lower rates in less than 5 minutes and at no charge. The comparison tool includes the cost of plans across reputable providers and exclusive saving bundles.

For instance, due to the deregulated electricity market in the Sunshine Coast, there is fierce competition between energy retailers. This means there are more saving opportunities if you choose to switch energy providers.

It also compares significant usage rates, including tariff rates per kWh, single-use tariff, time of use and daily supply rate. If you’re looking to diversify your energy supply, it also compares solar feed rebates and energy plans with cashback options if your business is eligible.

GoSwitch can also help businesses compare gas and electricity providers to make a smooth and profitable decision. The full report is delivered to you in an easily understood format and allows you to compare providers both in your local area or interstate if you’re considering moving.

Before you make the switch

Before you switch your businesses energy provider, contact your current provider to see if you have any exit fees attached to your current plan. Consider also letting them know you’re looking at competitors and see if they can match any deals you’ve come across or if they can offer something better.

When it comes to energy plans for your business, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Before choosing your next energy provider, do your research using GoSwitch and consider your businesses habits and usage so you can start saving today.

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