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Programmable controller offers modular expansion

West Control Solutions, a specialist in process and temperature control, has developed the KS98-2, a freely programmable, simple to upgrade unit that is suited to deployment in automated production processes.

It is said to be a compact and cost-effective multifunction solution.

Targeted at application areas like foundries, hardening shops, industrial climate control systems and building automation equipment, the KS98-2 provides precision process control capabilities and analogue measurements.

It is supplied in a 96mm x 96mm housing and features a 9-cm colour display with integrated touch screen. An  advantage of this modular solution is the degree of flexibility offered. It means that engineers can assign the most suitable signal inputs and control outputs for their particular application.


Furthermore, its simple function block programming allows intuitive interfacing with proven and coherent user-friendly functions. Through this operator dialogues are automatically generated, whereby each function has dialogues associated with it for configuration, parametrisation and operation. As a consequence, the need for complex, time-consuming programming is completely eliminated.

Due to the scope for modular expansion, the KS98-2 does not require the allocation of heavy engineering resources, therefore making implementation quicker and less costly, according to the manufacturer.

It offers an alternative to programmable controllers, which tend to be restricted to certain logical processes and lack the modules necessary for specific sensing/measurement tasks. In addition, sophisticated control algorithms enable stable, self-optimising process management to be benefited from. In order to deliver elevated levels of performance, the KS98-2 incorporates advanced processor technology. The innovative internal hardware concept utilised presents engineers with a platform upon which future upgrades can be supported.


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