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ProfiSwitch X5 from I S Systems opens door for unprecedented network designs

I S Systems has partnered with PROCENTEC to introduce the ProfiSwitch X5, which redefines PROFIBUS DP by enabling the user to operate individual segments of a network at different baudrates. This is achieved via simple rotary switch baudrate selection for each repeater channel of the X5.

ProfiSwitch X5’s unique capability has opened the door for unprecedented network designs including connection of devices that only support lower baudrates; ‘immunisation’ of individual segments by operating them at lower baudrates; enhancing control system responsiveness by increasing the DP Master bus speed and selected time critical DP Slaves while maintaining lower baudrates on other non-time critical segments; and designing networks with high speed DP backbone and combining them with lower speed segments.

Similar to the ProfiHub B5, the X5 is a transparent PROFIBUS repeater hub and features short circuit protection of each channel; redundant power supply; and alarm outputs.

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