ProfiHub B5+RD providing a reliable solution in PROFIBUS DP networks

I S Systems announces the release of PROCENTEC’s ProfiHub B5+RD, a member of the ProfiHub family.

ProfiHub B5+RD is a solid network component providing a reliable solution for spur lines and star-shaped structures in PROFIBUS DP networks. A major feature in the ProfiHub B5+RD is the built-in PROFIBUS DP Slave, which allows diagnostic data to be transferred to a PLC. This unique function allows the ProfiHub B5+RD to permanently monitor PROFIBUS DP installations, key to maintaining PROFIBUS networks.

Technicians and engineers can now access detailed diagnostic information about communication failures and details of retries. The ProfiHub B5+RD also generates a live list of all connected PROFIBUS devices.

Key features of the ProfiHub B5+RD also include five galvanically separated transparent channels with each channel providing dropout protection to ensure trouble-free performance for the rest of the PROFIBUS network; and redundancy feature creating a redundant PROFIBUS DP connection between two ProfiHubs, which in combination with the new redundant 24V power supply connection increases network availability.

Information about the redundancy status of the PROFIBUS channels as well as the power supply is also available via the built-in PROFIBUS DP Slave. 

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