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Profibus training courses now extended to Melbourne

In response to the huge number of requests, leading UK trainer Andy Verwer will conduct his accredited Profibus training courses in Melbourne for the first time, says the Australian Profibus Association.

These courses are being organised by the Profibus Association of Australia and will also be conducted in Perth and Brisbane in May 2010.

Victoria has a huge concentration of food and beverage processing plants, as well as water/ wastewater treatment facilities.

Local plant owners, engineers and operators have been showing interest in a certified training programme in Victoria and Melbourne was thus added to Verwer’s Australian training schedule, the Association says.

Verwer has been providing Certified Profibus training for over 15 years.

Verwer’s training programmes in Brisbane and Perth in November 2009 were oversubscribed and those that missed out will now have an opportunity to attend the May 2010 training sessions in these two cities, the Association says.

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