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Profibus International Chairman Karsten Schneider to visit Australia in October

Profibus International Chairman Karsten Schneider will visit Australia in October this year as the inaugural keynote speaker at a series of business luncheons to be organised by Profibus Australia and PACE.

Profibus and Profinet International (PI) is a worldwide automation community comprising vendors, developers, system integrators and end-users that support and promote the world’s most popular fieldbus technology.

Europe is generally acknowledged to be several years ahead of trends in Australia due to the fact that the majority of product and Profibus equipment manufacturers originate there.

So no one is better positioned than Schneider to comment on the current state of health of industrial automation in Europe and other major industrialised economies around the world.

Schneider believes his election as PI Chairman comes at a particularly interesting time for the industry.

"Whilst most major economies managed to survive the GFC and bounce back, the global recession that followed had a noticeable impact on developments in new technology and innovation within automation and the manner in which business was conducted," he commented.

In Schneider’s opinion, Globalisation is further challenging existing business models and forcing change that will meet the demands of powerhouse Asian economies like India and China.

"Business productivity and profitability is driven by innovative automation processes. If companies are to adapt and survive the emerging challenges ahead, they will rely heavily on industrial automation to provide that driving force," adds Schneider.

It promises to be an interesting series of lunches for the special guests of Profibus Australia and PACE in October.

Profibus Australia members interested in attending the business lunches in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane may contact PAA Secretary Andrew Dummett on Ph 02 95557899 or email

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