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Productivity solutions using Deep Learning technology

Nuance Communications has announced its new suite of Dragon professional productivity solutions for PC and Mac. The products utilise Deep Learning technology to deliver up to 24 per cent greater accuracy to drive new levels of documentation productivity, according to the company. The new releases include Dragon Professional Individual, version 15 and Dragon Professional Individual for Mac, version six.

The programs are used for speech recognition via mobile devices. With Deep Learning technology at the core of their speech engine, the programs deliver increased accuracy for users, with an enhanced ability to learn individuals’ voice patterns and accents, and to adapt to acoustics in open office or mobile environments. This latest release marks the first time Deep learning capabilities can run embedded on a personal computer, leveraging a users’ speech data to improve their own language and acoustic model, according to the company.

The updated programs also possess advanced transcription capabilities, customisation, and improved ability to work with portable touchscreen PCs, extending the benefits of speech recognition to more mobile use cases and environments.

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