XMC Unit Responds to Video Applications in Conflict Zones

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The enhanced ICS-8580 high definition video compression XMC module has been designed in response to the growing use of video in defence applications. 

The ICS-8580 can capture video inputs and archive or stream them over Ethernet networks, and its XMC form factor enables easy deployment in systems destined for harsh environments that are constrained by size, weight and power (SWaP).

Featured H.264 video compression/decompression (codec) technology is considered to be up to 3 x as efficient as other codec solutions – allowing vital image detail to be retained while occupying the minimum possible bandwidth or storage.

At the heart of the ICS-8580 lies a combination of a FPGA device coupled with dual DSP signal processors. The FPGA enables video switching format conversions, scaling, blending and other processing functions while the dual DSP processors enable multi-channel video compression and decompression for over 100 x reduction in bandwidth.

It can handle up to two channels of full HD (1080p30) or UXGA (1,600 x 1,200 @ 30 frames/second0 video, or up to four channels of standard definition video.