Wireless I/O for embedded monitoring and control platform

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The NI wireless gateway and measurement nodes extend the capabilities of the NI wireless sensor network (WSN) platform, permitting integration with wired and wireless measurement and control systems and deployment of autonomous programs to WSN nodes that perform local control, data analysis and event-based alarming or notification.

The NI 9795 C Series wireless sensor network (WSN) gateway helps create complete wired and wireless measurement and control systems.

It can plug into any slot in a NI CompactRIO chassis to deliver wireless connectivity to up to 36 deployed WSN nodes. Through the NI RIO Scan Interface, WSN I/O data is transferred to the deployed LabVIEW Real-Time application, where it can be integrated with WSN I/O and the rest of one’s measurement and control system. WSN I/O is also available directly from the CompactRIO host machine.

The NI WSN-3230 and NI WSN-3231 serial nodes feature one RS232 port to interface with serial sensors, instruments, and control boards.

Using the LabVIEW WSN Module and the LabVIEW Serial Compatibility API, engineers can deploy graphical code to embed command, query, and parse algorithms to the node, which creates a local, autonomous communication loop between the node and the serial device.

The LabVIEW Serial Compatibility API helps users configure baud rate, stop bits, parity bits and flow control. Using the API, it is possible to initialise the serial channel, send commands to the serial device, and then read back and parse the returned data, all locally without over-the-air communication and associated latency. Then users can send important data over the air back to the WSN gateway/host machine.

With deployed LabVIEW WSN code, users can conduct local data analysis, respond to digital value changes or network status changes, and perform local control of the two digital I/O lines. The digital I/O lines feature industrial ranges and can be configured for input, sinking output, and sourcing output.