Wireless cable replacer supports Point To Multi-Point

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ZigSense model ZS-P2MP-002 is a new addition to the ZS-P2P-001 wireless cable replacer system.

It supports Point To Multi-Point (P2MP) technology transferring wired sensors data and I/O control commands between a local Master node and two Slave nodes installed in separate remote locations.

High speed communications combined with ZigSense P2MP bi-directional data transfer enable Digital and Analog signals to be reliably transferred over short, medium or long distances using license free 2.4GHz, 900MHz or 868MHz radio frequencies.

Analog signals (such as tank level, temperature, pressure, flow) and digital conditions (pumps, motors, start/stop switches, alarm conditions) can be exchanged simultaneously between a Master node in location ‘A’ and two Slave nodes in locations ‘B’ and ‘C’ eliminating the need for long cables, conduits or cable trenches.

Upon loss of communications ZigSense wireless cable replacer nodes will deactivate their outputs based on the default FailSafe mode.

A local independent alarm output can be used to sound a siren or a buzzer. Using ZigSense wireless point-to-point nodes will significantly reduce materials and installation costs.