Weidmuller Relay Ensures Safe Plant Shutdown

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Weidmuller has released the SIL 3 Safety Relay, created specifically for use in the emergency shutdown of plants and plant components in the process industry. The device meets the requirements of EN61508 as well as the safety demands of Safety Integrity Level 3.

This relay guarantees safe electrical isolation of the safety PLC to the field and initiates protective measures in the face of danger or immediately cuts the energy supply. The circuits each have a yellow LED to indicate the functioning of the relay and ensure faultless operation of the relay. 

Fitted with gold-plated contacts and an additional switching current range of 6mA up to 5A, the monitoring circuit permanently guarantee reliable reaction of the emergency shutdown system. In addition, the time span between Relay ON and response is only 4.5ms (230 V AC) and 5.7ms (120 V AC) respectively.

It offers a widespread rated operational voltage of 120/230 V AC at the input of the monitoring circuit. A wide temperature range of -25ºC up to +50ºC makes it suitable for use in numerous environments including harsh surrounds.

Highly compact, it is only 92.4mm in length x 22.5mm in width x 112.4mm in height. The SIL 3 Safety Relay requires little space in a control cabinet and can be easily mounted on a TS35 DIN rail.