Vision sensor for the visual inspection of objects

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Where the usual vision sensors check components by means of defined contours, the new vision sensor O2V compares by means of variable features.

Instead of a defined contour the user determines relative features used by the sensor to assess an object or a scene. Within adjustable tolerances the sensor determines characteristics such as the area of an object (number of pixels), the inner and outer object size of irregular object geometry, roundness or compactness or the number of available holes. Additionally, the grey-scale values can also be used for assessment.

Numerous evaluation parameters enable a wide range of applications. 32 scenes with up to 24 different models can be saved in the unit. All parameters can be set conveniently via the menu-guided parameter setting software.

The O2V can be used as a stand-alone system: camera, illumination and evaluation are integrated into a compact metal housing with the protecting rating IP 67. The temperature range of -10…60 °C enables a wide range of applications. The Ethernet process interface is used for image transmission and connection to the controller.