Victaulic Coupling Simplifies Pipe Transitions

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The Victaulic SC998 Shouldered-to-HDPE transition coupling provides a one-piece, completely mechanical joint between shouldered IPS and HDPE piping. 

While the shouldered end of the Style SC998 utilises the design of proven Victaulic shouldered couplings, the HDPE end of the housing features rows of gripping teeth which bite down on the plain end pipe, resulting in a firm connection around the entire circumference of the pipe. 

The combination of a shouldered connection and biting mechanism in a single coupling eliminates the need for traditional transitioning methods, and ensures a strong joint between both pipes.

Available in 63mm and 110mm, the SC998 is designed for piping with SDR’s ranging from 21 to 7.4. The coupling conforms to AS/NZS 4130 and PE 80 or 100.