Variable speed drives for three phase motor

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Schneider Electric’s Altivar series 32 Frequency Inverters have been designed specifically for the speed control of 3-phase asynchronous motors operating in high density applications.

The Altivar 32 is ideally suited for applications including material handling, packaging, scrolling advertising panels, automatic doors, metal, wood and textile processing which all require a high level of safety and functionality.

Featuring a slim, bookshelf design, the Altivar 32 can be mounted sideways, or vertically, enabling multiple controllers to be fitted within the limited confines of a machine cubicle. Specially designed pancake braking resistors and a removable front panel optimise the Altivar 32 for low space installations.

Key range characteristics include:
• Power ratings ranging from 0.18 to 15kW
• Power supply voltages of single phase 200/240V and 3-phase 380/500V
• Slim, bookshelf design (maximum 60mm thick up to 4kW)
• Full range of line and motor chokes available as well as a pluggable motor connector
• Integrated safety (SIL rated) and programmable logic functions
• Built-in Bluetooth remote adjustment and parameter setting via mobile phone or PC