Variable speed drive

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A new range of variable speed drives that will be the centrepiece for customers requiring multiple pump control systems has been launched by WEG Australia.

The new variation of the existing CFW08 series variable speed drives, known as ‘multi-pumps’, has been designed to provide OEMs, systems integrators and end-users with a simple platform featuring the most commonly-requested pump functionality in today’s market.

Using a pressure transducer and a P.I.D software control algorithm, the CFW08 multi-pump drives will give the pump system the benefit of constant pressure output and the associated advantages of energy saving ‘pump only on demand’ control, typically referred to as ‘sleep mode’.

A single multi-pumps equipped CFW08 extends further into systems that have master/boost pumps (fixed pump control with one ‘master’ variable speed pump and up to three boost pumps) or master/auxiliary pumps (floating pump control where up to three pumps alternate between fixed and variable speed).

Both control options are available in the one product and both also feature ‘pump rotation software’ that calculates and automatically cycles the operation of pumps in the setup to provide even usage across the life span of the system.

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