Variable frequency drives for energy efficient process control

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The EFC 3600 variable frequency drive (VFD) is a new design by Bosch Rexroth that complements the existing product portfolio including the Fe and Fv frequency converters as well as the dynamic IndraDrive platform.

The EFC3600 improves the process control through integrated PID controllers as well as through a sequence control system with eight steps.

The settings enable an energy efficient operation of equipment and machines at their optimal operating point.

Due to its high intermittent overload capacity of up to 200 percent as well as the high initial torque of up to 150 percent, the EFC 3600 can be used for a wide range of applications with the most varying requirements.

The freely scalable V/f characteristic allows load-dependent adjustment of the voltage/frequency curve, which ensures a longer motor service life.

The EFC 3600 can be connected to other automation topologies via optional Modbus or PROFIBUS field bus interfaces or via digital and analog inputs and outputs.

In the first roll-out, the EFC 3600 will be offered covering the performance spectrum from 400W to 4 kW. Due to the integrated brake choppers and mains filters, additional peripheral devices are not required. The EFC 3600 complies with the EMC directives for industrial applications.

The simple program structure and easy parameter input provide for quick commissioning and start-up without the need for a PC. Harmonised parameters apply to all converters of the series.

Via the removable control panel with memory and copy function, the user can quickly configure several electronic frequency converters.

This also reduces integration and downtime in case of system expansion or in case of replacement. The service technician would simply use the control panel and copy the existing parameters to the new device.

Due to its compact design which is complemented by the plug-able I/O terminals and optimised cooling concept, a gapless side-by-side and space saving installation is possible.

For devices up to 0.75 kW, fans are not required and subsequently are supplied fan-free. Devices with performance level 1.5 kW and higher are supplied with integrated fans that can be easily accessed without requiring tools for cleaning or replacement.

The EFC 3600 complements Rexroth's frequency converter series Fe and Fv, which cover the performance spectrum up to 160 kW.