Valve motor drive process controller

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The 6170+ incorporates advanced tuning algorithms, with selectable pre-tune and self-tuning for easy setup.

The self-tune also reduces output activity to an absolute minimum without compromising control quality, thereby reducing wear and tear on mechanical components such as valves, contactors and relays.

West’s Plug and Play technology allows the user the ability to easily add to the 6170+ controller’s features including communication by simply installing additional plug-in boards. Inputs, Outputs, Alarms, and Communications are all field upgradeable.

It features:

  • Dual 4-digit LED displays
  • 1/16 DIN panel mount (also available in 1/8 DIN & 1/4DIN)
  • Universal Input for Thermocouple, RTD, DC, linear mA/V/mV, user selectable
  • Jumperless Configuration
  • Alarms (process, deviation/band) control
  • Modbus communications
  • Remote Setpoint Option
  • Modbus Communications
  • Transmitter Power Supply