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Cortron's Model 121 Series keyboard / pointing device, rugged and Industrial Versions are built to withstand the most hostile and demanding industrial and military environments.

The 121 series is suitable for mobile or air applications, it fits into standard RETMA rack systems. Available with many options, the Model 121 Series can be adapted to meet specific design requirements.

The Model 121 Series is virtually impervious to contaminants found in harsh applications, both indoors and in the field. Its ruggedised/militarised design withstands the rigours of hostile and demanding environments.

Vital electronics and switch bearing surfaces are sealed for long term protection against water, beverages, dust, dirt, and many chemicals, sugar based beverages can be left to dry without causing damage to components.

There are over 300 variations available and have been used in applications, including: airborne, radar, electronic warfare, ground mobile, portable, shipboard, and industrial uses including: console CAD system, factory automation, marine traffic control, rack based systems, training systems, and weather data collection.

All versions in the 121 Model Series come with design features which include: sealed, spill/dust proof construction, all metal enclosure with welded seams, full-travel, solid state switches, durable key legends, durable exterior finish, ergonomic key sculptures.

The Model 121 Series come with optional electric ( I/O) interfaces, optional backlighting features, optional electromagnetic protection, optional panel mount features, and optional rack mount kits.

All units are 100% electrically tested and leak tested.