Treotham Safety Switch Now Fully Tamper-Proof

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The CET4 safety switch combines the non-contact transponder technology from the CES systems with a monitored guard locking function, an integral evaluation electronics and a door monitoring output.

Guard locking is activated by applying voltage at the guard locking solenoid. The door monitoring output allows the control system to recognise whether the safety door is closed or not, independently of the guard locking function.

The CET4 is suited both for operation as a single unit and in a series connection. A start button and a feedback loop can be optionally integrated. This makes the CET a full-fledged decentralised safety solution (PLe according to EN ISO 13849-1).

Moreover, the CET-AR switch is characterised by its tamper resistance and the IP67 degree of protection. Its metal housing permits locking forces up to 6,500 N, and external LEDs permit a detailed diagnostic function with the option of individual assignment by the user.