Travel-Sized Data Logger Offers Versatile Connectivity

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The Hioki 8430-20 is a palm-sized, ten-channel data logger that is small enough to slip into personal luggage or a computer bag. The instrument can be operated from AC adapter, rechargeable battery pack or external battery.

The Hioki 8430-20 has 10 fully isolated, analogue DC voltage/thermocouple input channels and 4 digital, pulse counting input channels. Measurement of temperature can therefore be made on live circuits.

On-board data storage provides 3.5 M-words of data on the instrument’s internal 7 MB memory. Maximum pulse counting frequency is 5000 counts/sec, and data logging traces are displayed in selectable colour on the instrument’s QVGA-TFT screen.

Triggering is selectable for analogue and digital channels from rising/falling through preset level or window mode (entering/exiting preset low and high levels).

The Hioki 8430-20 can be connected to a PC via its USB port, and logger utility programs are provided that sequentially guide the user through the data transfer process. Up to five Hioki 8430-20 data loggers can be connected via USB hub to a PC thus extending the recording capability to up to 50 analogue channels and 20 pulse counting channels.