Torque control switchboxes can be mounted on any Namur footprint Actuator

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Valvefit Plus has launched a series of Torque Control Switchboxes with aluminium enclosures and hydrocarbon resistant polycarbonate high impact resistant visible indicators for rotary operation of ball, butterfly and plug valves. All switches are CE Certified.

They are suitable for mounting on any Namur footprint actuator or can be adapted to fit directly to the valve. Standard mounting is included for 80 x 30 x 30 or 130 x 30 x 30, with stem heights of 20 or 30mm.

Additional mounting is possible up to 50mm stem height. They come standard with black/yellow visible indicators. Adaptors are also available for some other propritery brands of actuators.

The enclosure comes with certification confirming tested to IP68 to a depth of 4m. Switchboxes come standard with two M20 cable entries and standard 8 terminal cable strip with spare terminals to allow connection to a solenoid inside the switchbox. An optional 10 or 12 terminal strip can be fitted as well as red/green indicators if required.

A feature of the switchbox is that the composite visible indicator enclosure is secured by two spring loaded captive bayonet cap screws that secure the indicator with 90 degree rotation. The sealing system does not require downward force to seal correctly, common with most other switchboxes.

The sensors are colour coded and the fast set cams to allow adjustment between 5 and 355 degrees of travel, for use with the linear option.

Switchboxes are available with standard mechanical 250V 10A switches or a range of proximity switch options in various voltages. These include inductive switches, including P&F AusEx certified intrinsically safe and PNP in both 2 and 3 wire.

Also available is a switchbox which has two mechanical or proximity switches with a resin encapsulated 4-20mA feedback card, and AS-i bus switchboxes including solenoid valve with internal coil, fitted with the Bihl + Wiedemann AS-i Module.