Switch reports on its own health

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United Electric Controls adds a key feature to the One Series electronic switch family, a differential pressure model.

Just like the field-tested One Series Pressure and Temperature models, the Differential Pressure Electronic Switch continuously monitors and communicates its own health status.

This feature provides piece of mind in critical applications and helps to increase process uptime. The "I Am Working" (IAW) and "I Have Switched" signals are communicated both locally and remotely.

The local digital display and easy programmability make the One Series simple to install, set up and test. The differential pressure switch will replace airflow indicators, limit switches, and transmitters combined, on a single process connection.

Designed to monitor dry air as well as non-corrosive gases, the One Series switch is particularly appropriate for air handling and filtering applications in air ducts, purge cabinets and HVAC as well as fluid density, flow measurement, and fan control.

Demanding environments that will apply this latest UE innovation include semiconductor and pharmaceutical processing, pulp and paper mills, refineries, power plants and chemical plants.