Swedish tool vests

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A new line of Swedish-made tool vests with 12 pockets and a stylish design for tradesmen are now available from Proksill Australia.

Made by Swedish company Skiller, the new took vests are designed to spread the load of tools carried around by workers between the hips and shoulders.

With dedicated pockets suitable for hammers, crews, tapes, phones and other tools and utensils, the new vests are designed for professional electricians, plumbers, carpenters, construction and building tradesmen and landscapers.

The Vest incorporates a broad belt which also helps to evenly distribute weight between the shoulders and the lower back, making it comfortable for the wearer. Holster pockets, hammer holders and Skillers Flexi-System tool attachments can be added.

Priced from $88, the vest helps to prevent stress points around the shoulders, neck and lower back, also assisting tradespeople to get the job done faster and more efficiently.

In addition, each vest offers: 57 reinforced bar tacks; pockets for tools, pens and mobile phone; large inner pockets for plans and gloves; mesh back to keep you cool; heavy duty, two-way front zip that can be opened from the bottom; chest pockets for keys and wallet; two large measure pockets with straps; and four roomy reinforced holster tool pockets.

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