Submersible Dive Unit Safe to Deploy in Potable Water

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In accordance with Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (AWDGL), major water utilities are being encouraged to adopt best practice and routine monitoring of drinking-water reservoirs and bulk water transfer pipelines.

The ICON-ROV enables necessary water condition assessments to be carried out by client appointed personnel, while the asset remains in service without any risk of introducing contaminants. It is preferred over traditional dive teams where conditions, duration, result interpretation and disinfection regimes may have limitations or inconsistencies.

The ICON-ROV is dedicated for potable water use and is easily disinfected on site to ensure any sanitary hazards are completely removed. Procedural rigour ensures both the unit and its tether are treated by ICON-ROV with spray disinfection each and every time it is deployed underwater.

This vehicle presents an opportunity for the client or appointed specialist to perform inspections in real time, as well as media recordings prepared by the ICON ROV Pilot team. The rate of inspection and level of detail can be directed by the client by simple liaison with ICON ROV pilot.