Spray nozzle combats excessive dust

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To combat excessive dust during conveyor transport at quarries or mines, Spray Nozzle Engineering supply the BETE NF spray nozzle; a flat fan nozzle designed to apply water in the correct ratio to reduce dust generated during the quarrying or mining process.

During the quarrying or mining process, excessive dust is an unwanted byproduct. It can damage equipment, reduce visibility during production and cause serious health problems.

Using a spray nozzle to apply water to the crushed rock in a ratio of 1.5% by weight, dust is kept to a minimum, without soaking the conveyors or creating mud.

The NF spray nozzle at a 90° angle and correct size ensures maximum dust suppression. Available in a variety of sizes and spray angles, the NF spray nozzle features a one-piece construction, with no internal parts to reduce the risk of clogging.

It provides a high impact, uniform distribution spray pattern with tapered edges for overlapping edges. It is available with either a fan or straight jet spray pattern.

Spray Nozzle Engineering also has a range of “Quick Attach” nozzle to pipe mounting systems that can be used for both metal and plastic pipe sizes, for quick installation and maintenance.