Silvent’s high force blowing tool solves problem at British Steel

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British Steel had problems removing water and scale from the surface of the hot strip. An initial attempt to solve the problem using open pipe stream jets to sweep it away was unsuccessful. Aside from failing to remove the water and scale, new environmental problems with excessive noise and condensation in the electrical measuring equipment were created as well.

Silvent’s 1212 air nozzles (with 12 nozzles) were installed in the roughing mill. The Silvent 1212 is composed of twelve 412L nozzles that are used for operations that require high blowing force and a longer blowing range. The grip and a robust ball valve permit the regulation and fine tuning of the blowing force.

These nozzle arrays generate a broad and powerful air blast that effectively sweeps away the water & scale as the steel passes through the air stream and are now installed throughout the entire mill; the resulting quality of the steel is beyond reproach.

The Silvent 1212 air nozzles not only solved a quality problem but a major environmental problem as well; the noise level was cut in half and the steam disappeared from the production process.

British Steel is today a steady user of Silvent products.