Sensor with in-line calibration

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Mettler Toledo Process Analytics Division have introduced Thornton UniCond conductivity sensor with in-line calibration capability.

Enhanced sensor electronics allow calibration using an accessory UniCond calibrator (patent pending) without removing the sensor from the process. This is a critical factor in pharmaceutical water compliance, microelectronics fabrication, power generation, pure water and steam applications.

The new UniCond calibrator is the only digital conductivity system to meet USP ‹645› and EP requirements. It provides NIST-traceable resistances for all ranges of UniCond measuring circuit.

A major advantage of the UniCond sensor is ultra-wide conductivity measurement range, from ultrapure water to seawater with one sensor. Stainless steel sanitary sensors have measurement range from 0.02 to 2,000 μS/cm total range with ±1% system accuracy to meet pharmaceutical water requirements.

According to product manager Christie Martin, “Now the UniCond conductivity sensor provides a unique solution for in-place electronics calibration to meet USP ‹645› and EP Pharmacopeia requirements. The new UniCond calibrator
simultaneously connects the UniCond conductivity sensor and Thornton ISM transmitter to calibrate the system electronics while remaining connected to the water system.”

The UniCond sensor may be used with Thornton M300ISM or M800 multiparameter transmitters, which enable the use of two or four digital sensor inputs for continuous measurement of ozone, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, and total organic carbon.