Schneider Instrumentation Weathers Harsh Environments

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The Accutech range of wireless instrumentation products by Schneider Electric provide cost-effective alternatives to traditional hard-wired sensors. Products come with push-button configuration, power, radio and sensor in one unit; and are suited to harsh environments.

The products have a secure and high-performance, license-free radio with a range of up to 1000 metres, and include built-in batteries with a ten year lifespan.

Units are designed for the majority of industrial applications, with installations ranging from the plant floor to remote installations with extreme temperature and humidity ranges. Up to 256 Accutech base radios can co-exist for almost infinite scalability, with each base radio supporting 100 field instruments for up to 1 second sampling on all instruments.

The Accutech range comes with NEMA4 and explosion-proof packaging options and are certified CSA Class 1, Div 1 and ATEX/IECex (-ai and -d). For environments where there are considerable obstructions and ultra-long reach is required, high-gain antennas are available.