Remote relay control switch

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Interworld Electronics has released the CCM-1422 Remote Relay Controller from Western Telematic.

The CCM-1422 Controller is designed to provide secure reliable control of remote relays on high amp devices such as Cisco Catalyst 6500 8700 Watt Power Supplies or industrial HVAC systems.

The CCM-1422 can open, close, reboot or default relays on high amp devices, on demand, in response to alarm conditions or according to a user-defined schedule. CCM-1422 units feature four switched relays, plus a switched IEC C13 AC outlet, which also includes current metering capabilities.

The CCM-1422 supports a formidable array of security and authentication features plus HTTPS communication and SSHv2 encryption to protect relay switching commands and configuration functions from unauthorized access.

Supported authentication protocols include LDAP, Kerberos, TACACS+ and RADIUS. The CCM-1422 also features an IP Address feature to block access by unfamiliar IPs, plus a unique callback security feature for dial-up communication.

In addition to providing on demand switching control for dry contact relays, the CCM-1422 can also automatically open, close, default or reboot relays in response to user-configurable temperature alarms, ping response monitors, invalid access alarms and power supply instability alarms.

The switched AC Outlet can measure current and power consumption using true RMS current metering, and can also be used to reboot or switch an additional AC powered device.