Redundant Profinet controller

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A redundant control system for Profinet can be created with the new RFC 460R PN 3TX controller from Phoenix Contact. This makes it possible to reduce system shutdowns and prevent dangerous situations, for example, in tunnels or airports.

Two RFC 460R type Profinet controllers are used to build a fail-safe automation system. One controller controls and manages the process, while, in the event of a failure, the second controller is seamlessly activated to perform processes at both the lower and higher levels.

To installing this redundant system, the user connects both controllers via a fibre optic synchronisation cable and then programs one of the two controllers.

The second PLC is automatically configured for all redundancy functions, thanks to AutoSync technology, after which it is automatically started. Both controllers are continuously synchronised. 

The redundant controller for Profinet features:
• Optimal device integration thanks to Profinet standards
• Bridging of distances up to 80 km between controllers via fibre optic cables, low-cost option with pluggable SFP module
• High-resolution display for viewing status reports and error message as plain text
• Uninterrupted visualisation thanks to a redundancy-capable OPC server