Real-time testing and simulation software environment

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NATIONAL Instruments has announced the latest (2011) version of the NI VeriStand configuration-based software environment for creating real-time testing and simulation applications.

The software interface helps engineers achieve system flexibility while decreasing test development time.

The new version includes a real-time stimulus profile tool that expands deterministic test execution with looping and branching structures, composable arithmetic functions, multitasking and more. Engineers can use it to quickly create and reuse sophisticated test profiles.

Engineers can combine NI VeriStand 2011 with INERTIA, an add-on from Wineman Technology, which adds a suite of tools to NI VeriStand for optimized closed-loop control of dynamometer and servo-hydraulic-based test cells.

NI VeriStand 2011 also provides expanded native support for 14 modeling environments.